Learn Italian through enjoyable activities

The Italian experience is all about getting people to experience Italy in a non touristy way where they can totally immerse themselves in Italian culture and meet local Italians. If you wish to practise your English then please click here for the English Experience.

What is the Italian Experience?

The Italian experience will give you the opportunity to learn conversational and functional Italian, which you can then practise and consolidate through fun activities of your choice. You can use your newly acquired language skills to communicate with Italian speakers, expert in the field in any of the activities you choose. In this way not only will you learn Italian but you will also learn new skills and have new experiences in a fun and enjoyable manner.  All in all you will have a truly full immersion Italian Experience!

How long will my Italian Experience be?

The length of time you spend on any of the activities you choose will depend on you! You decide how many activities and how long you’d like to spend learning an activity depending on the time you have available and your budget. You can choose from various options; from a half a day, full day, two days, four days, five days, 10 days or  two weeks on any single activity.

How do we ensure Complete Satisfaction?

All our trainers are not only highly empathetic, patient and understandingexperts in their field and very passionate too!

How do we give you a genuine Italian Experience?

Communication is fundamental in all walks of life and in order to really feel involved with a new culture it is vital that you are able to express yourself in the language of the country even if it is just a smattering. However with us you will not only learn more than a smattering of  Italian but it will be  general conversation in daily functional situations and not grammar. 

You will be encouraged to practice the activities in Italian

From daily functional Italian you will then progress to learning the vocabulary and expressions required for the activities you choose to participate in. Furthermore you will also be taught through a presentation for every activity that you choose, where you will learn more both about the activity and further your Italian comprehension.

Who are our teachers and trainers?

All the trainers working in collaboration are:

  • Trusted local experts known personally to us at  English Well Spoken,
  • with several years of experience in the field.
  • They are mother tongue or fluent in Italian and English.
  • Consequently all activities will be run in Italian but the trainers can always give explanations in English if need be.
  • Teachers at English Well Spoken will always be on hand whenever necessary.

Where will the activities be held?

All the activities will be held mainly in Tuscany:

  • The Italian lessons will be held at our school in Florence.
  • The presentations will usually be held at the school.
  • The activities will be held either in Florence or in the surrounding countryside.
  • This will depend on the activity chosen
  • and the location preference;
  • weather and season permitting.

Why choose the Italian Experience?

The Italian Experience will help you:

  • To experience the real Italy
  • As a person living in the country rather than as a tourist
  • To learn and get involved in various activities with Italians
  • Taught by Italians that are experts in the subject
  • To learn in Italian but with teachers that speak English also

What will you learn and experience?

You will learn:

  • Conversational Italian
  • The Italian vocabulary you will require for the various activities you choose to do such as:
  • Beekeeping
  • Rock Climbing
  • Ice Climbing
  • Trekking
  • Photography
  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness
  • Wine Tasting
  • City touring
  • Tango
  • Singing
  • Mushroom picking
  • Italian Cooking
  • City Day Trips
  • Mountain biking
  • City and Countryside biking

Why learn Italian even if your trip is short?Italian Conversation

Learning Italian will not only teach you a new skill but will enrich your experience as well. You will be fully immersed into Italian culture, rather than being treated as a tourist.

Learning Italian through Conversation

You will learn Italian:

  • In a relaxed and enjoyable manner
  • Through intuition and conversation
  • Allowing you to immediately converse in various functional situations in Italian
  • Vocabulary and expressions related to daily life
  • Vocab related to the activities you have selected
  • Through fun activities that you can relate to
  • With empathetic and very patient teachers


We have all begun to realise how important our disappearing bees are to our survival. Many of us have decided to keep bees in some sort of form, whether it be on our rooftops or in our gardens.

You will learn beekeeping both in English and Italian

You will learn beekeeping:

  • With expert beekeepers
  • Through detailed presentations and seminars
  • Workshops and discussions on the subject
  • Practice in the field during the months of Spring and Summer

Mushroom Pickingmushroom picking

If you’ve always wanted to go for a stroll in the woods and collect your own mushrooms then take advantage of this opportunity!

You will learn about:

  • Different types of mushrooms
  • How to identify edible mushrooms from poisonous ones
  • Best locations for picking
  • With expert mushroom pickers
  • Some guidance for preserving and cooking mushrooms

Why Wine Tasting?wine tasting

We all enjoy a good glass of wine! So what better than to learn how to select the best wine for your meal or just to be able to distinguish one wine from another !

You will learn wine tasting:

  • With a trained sommelier
  • Through  presentations on the subject
  • Visits to vineyards in the tuscan region
  • With the opportunity to taste and purchase wines directly


Rock Climbing

rock climbing

Italy is blessed to have a very interesting geology with rock formations of many different types. It is a very common pastime for Italians to go rock climbing and here in Tuscany the Apuane and Appennino are very popular locations.

You will learn rock climbing both in English and Italian

Depending on your experience you will learn and practise with expert guidance from Professional Mountain Guides:

  • What equipment is required
  • Rock climbing techniques
  • Practice in the field depending on your level of competency
  • In various locations in Tuscany



The Italian landscape is jam packed with wonderful places to go hiking and trekking! If you come to Italy and you enjoy the outdoors then a hiking trip is a must and especially if you have a guide to show you around.

You will be able to speak both English and Italian while trekking

You will enjoy trekking:

  • In interesting landscapes and mountains around Florence in the Chianti and Alto Mugello areas
  • In the Apuane overlooking the sea
  • With expert local guides

Mountain Bikingmountain biking

There are no end of places for mountain biking! Our guides will take to the most suitable place based on your taste and experience.

Going Mountain Biking in English and Italian

You will enjoy biking:

  • In interesting landscapes and mountains around Florence in the Chianti and Alto Mugello areas
  • In Apuane overlooking the sea
  • In Appennini
  • With expert local bikers


With all the mountains and rivers in Italy you will be spoilt for choice! Our guides will take to the most suitable place based on your taste and experience.

You will learn and enjoy:

  • To understand the basics of the thrilling activity of canyoning
  • Canyoning in rivers in the Summer
  • In the Apuane and Appennino Pistoiese
  • With the help and guidance from professional mountain guides

Ice Climbingice climbing

If you’re not afraid of heights and love the ice then ice climbing is a thrilling sport!

Depending on your experience you will learn and practise with expert guidance from professional mountain guides:

  • What equipment is required
  • Ice climbing techniques
  • Practice in the field depending on your level of competency
  • In various locations including Tuscany


Research has shown that singing can do wonders for your self esteem and state of being. Our fully  trained opera singer will help you make the best of your natural voice which will help you not only with singing but with presentations and theatre performances!

You will learn to sing in Italian or English with the help of a fully trained opera singer:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Practising the scales
  • Making your voice more powerful
  • Keeping in tune
  • Reaching the right pitch

Dancing the TangoTango

Dancing is good for everyone! The tango in particular represents the art of body language and tango nuevo is the most representative of communication with the elegant art of the tango!

You will learn the art of Tango Nuevo depending on your level:

  • The philosophy behind tango
  • How to communicate more effectively with your partner
  • The correct hold
  • Correct movement – connection
  • Various figures such as caminada, ocho adelante, atras, basico con cruzada


They say a picture paints a thousand words! We all use photography nowadays for social media, art or just to record memories. So why not learn how to take better photos and keep happier memories!

You will learn photography depending on your level of expertise:

  • Basic techniques
  • Landscape & Urban photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Mobile/ Iphoneography
  • Lighting & Framing
  • Photography tours
  • Post Production

Why Yoga?yoga

Silly question! Why not? We all can benefit by being in tune with our bodies, increasing our flexibility and being more at peace with oneself!

Depending on your level of experience you will learn and practise:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Various positions
  • Mind and Body awareness
  • Meditation
  • Self Awareness
  • Techniques for building strength


If you want to destress and find yourself amidst the confusion of daily life then this is for you! Find that inner silence and increase and realise your potential!

Depending on your level of experience you will learn and practise:

  • Your presence of self awareness
  • To be more in contact with yourself
  • How to reduce stress
  • How to Improve relationships
  • How to be more in tune with your inner self

Italian CookingItalian Cooking

Italian cuisine is known the world over! Learn to cook Italian using the best ingredients and in an authentic manner!

You will learn Italian cooking:

  • With a talented cook
  • Through  presentations on recipes
  • Going through ingredients
  • Cooking the dishes together
  • Pasta dishes
  • Desserts

Why use a tour guide for Sight Seeing?city tours

If you want to get the best out of your city visit then a tour guide is a must! We can introduce you to our trusted tour guides that can speak to you in either Italian or English!

City Tours in English and Italian

You will enjoy touring:

  • In and around Florence and in the Tuscan area
  • With expert local guides
  • Enjoying the architecture at the pace decided by yourselves
  • Full assistance getting to your next destination

Why use a guide for biking?biking

A guide can help you cycle around the city and show you the best sights and our bike guides can also help you cycle from one city or town to the next with all the assistance you may need!

City and Countryside biking in English and Italiancountryside biking

You will enjoy biking:

  • In and around Florence and in the Tuscan area
  • With expert local bikers
  • Enjoying the scenery at the pace decided by yourselves
  • Full assistance getting to your next destination

Why use a guide for day trips?

Our guides can take the stress out of travelling by giving all the assistance required for your journey! They can accompany you on your trip and show you best places to visit!

City day trips in English and Italian

You will visit cities such as:

  • Venice
  • Siena
  • Volterra
  • San Gimignano
  • With a bilingual travel companion
  • To organise all aspects of the trip
  • Giving you a stress free experience with local knowledge

How are the activities organised?

You can select from the following options:

  1. 1-5 half days 09:00-13:00 
  2. 1-5 full day intensive 09:00-17:00

How much do the activities cost?

The cost of the various activities generally include breakfast and lunch if it is a full day activity. There will always be an expert and a teacher present to help you learn both the activity and to improve your Italian.

Please click here for further details on prices

How to contact us

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