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Come leggono e interpretano le notiziari? How do computers read and interpret the news?

I computer leggono e interpretano i giornali e le notiziari nello stesso modo come fanno gli essere umani? Do computers read and interpret the news in the same way as human beings do? History as been recorded mainly over the years through the written word. However when artificial intelligence researchers ran billions of those words from [...]

Rassegna dell’Anno 2016 trascorso -1 – 2016 Review of the Year Quiz

Avete seguito bene i notiziari? Guardate queste domande sotto. Quante ne potete fare correttamente? How well have you been following the news? Check out these questions below. How many can you get right? 1 The first cover of Charlie Hebdo after January’s massacre at the magazine was a cartoon of Muhammad holding a “Je suis [...]