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Espressione idiomatiche con occhi “eyes”. Feast your eyes on this!!

Here is a list of idiomatic expressions formed around the word eye. Qui sotto troverete una lista di espressione idiomatiche con la parola "eye". Eye someone up  Di guadare qualcuno in intenzioni amorose. To eye someone up is to look at them with romantic or love interest. At the party, Samuel eyed many girls up, [...]

Cosa significa “A finger in every pie”?

Can a pie change the English language? Un pasticcio (pie) può cambiare la lingua inglese? "A finger in every pie" Cosa significa  “A finger in every pie” Pies have been adding rich flavour to the English language for centuries. Even Shakespeare got in on the act, writing in his 1613 play Henry VIII that “No [...]