Il momento sta arrivando quando cominciamo a pensare a fare tutto in modo giusto il prossimo l’anno. E come possiamo ottenere questo risulato? Naturalmente con i nostri risoluzioni per l’anno nuovo.

It’s coming up to the time when we start thinking about making the new year the one where we do everything right. And how are we going to accomplish this? Well with our new year’s resolutions of course.

New Year’s Eve is often seen as a time of rebirth, the chance to start anew. We all come up with the regular resolutions for the upcoming year (losing weight, seeing family more often and/or falling in love ), but often our ideas of what should change are too broad. This New Year’s Eve, we should all vow to take a closer look into our lives and make decisions about ourselves then.

Here are some New Year’s resolutions you might like to consider:

1.Stop posting negative nonsense about celebrities on social media.

2. Stop resenting yourself making silly mistakes. Try not to repeat them and learn from your mistakes. Reflection is better than beating yourself about it

3. Leave the country. If you don’t have money, look into doing charity work abroad. Some programs will sponsor you.

4. If you hate your job, look for another one. If it’s just the money then; THE MONEY IS NOT WORTH IT. You do need to eat and live somewhere though so make sure you’ve got a job lined up before you quit.

5. Try to get some physical exercise even if it’s just walking around the block.

6. Make up with long lost friends

7. Rid yourself of enemies. Apologize for what you did wrong and forgive those who have wronged you.

8. Rid yourself of “frenemies.” Don’t spend 2015 surrounded by people you secretly despise.

9. Smile and people will smile back at you.

10. Make an effort to make new friends

11. Stop caring about how many people “like” your Instagram photos. If you like the photo enough to post it, what else matters? Social media anxiety is a waste of time.

12. Cross something off your bucket list. Sky dive, bungee jump, scuba dive, etc. Don’t make excuses as to why you can’t accomplish something.

13. Stop hating yourself for eating dessert. A piece of birthday cake is a right, not a privilege.

14. Keep a journal. It doesn’t have to be something you use daily, but documenting your experiences is incredibly important. You’ll appreciate it later.

15. Strengthen relationships with family members. Blood is thicker than water.

16. Help strangers. “Pay it forward,” do good things for the world — and don’t post a Facebook status about it.

17. Conquer a fear. Any fear

18. Turn off your smartphone at dinner.

19. Don’t check your Twitter feed when you’re with friends.

20. Try a fashion trend you never thought you could pull off. And, do it with confidence. Floppy hats, snap backs, Harem pants; you can do it! or maybe not

21. Shop locally, eat locally and recognize where your money is going. Consumers control the economy, so visit the grocer’s down the street.

22. Cry. When you’re happy and when you’re sad; embrace your emotions as they come.

23. Stop being so shallow. Next time you find yourself judging someone based on his or her appearance, imagine the person standing in front of you saying, “I’m beautiful.” You’ll start to believe it.

Happy New Year!!!

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