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business english for individuals groupsHow important is English for Companies that want to work globally?

Why choose English as a common platform?

There’s no question that unrestricted multilingualism is inefficient and can prevent important interactions from taking place and get in the way of achieving key goals. The need to tightly coordinate tasks and work with customers and partners worldwide has accelerated the move toward English as the official language of business no matter where companies are headquartered.

Global Business speaks English

  • English is the global language
  • 1.75 million people communicate in English
  • To survive and prosper in this global climate, companies must overcome the hurdle of the language barrier

Business needs to adopt a common mode of speech

Adopting a common mode of speech isn’t just a good idea; it’s a must, even for an American company with operations overseas, for instance, or an Italian company focused on domestic customers. On a conference call or a meeting if just one person doesn’t speak the common language then how will you close the deal?

How to adopt a global language

Adopting a global language policy is not easy, and companies invariably stumble along the way. It’s radical, and it’s almost certain to meet with staunch resistance from employees. Many may feel at a disadvantage if their English isn’t as good as others’, team dynamics and performance can suffer, and national pride can get in the way. But to survive and thrive in a global economy, companies must overcome language barriers—and English will almost always be the common ground, at least for now.

business english tailor madeWhy choose English Well Spoken?

English Well Spoken can offer you high quality and rapid progress particularly because of our innovative and natural method.  Our approach is  termed “Holistic Learning”. This methodology involves a 360 degree assessment to create a personalised individual learning plan that will ensure rapid progress in a natural and enjoyable manner. We are unique in offering a truly personalised programme for each and every student.

All our lessons are personalised

Your learning experience will commence with an interview with our Director of Studies. From this point onwards we will be creating your personalised Individual Learning Plan (ILP) as shown in the diagram below.

English Well Spoken Individual Learning Plan

Individual Learning Plans ILPs

Every student has an ILP where their goals and objectives are recorded along with a Strategic Didactic Plan that will be continually reviewed and reflected upon in relation to the student’s progress. Every student or group will also have their own lesson record where their attendance and progress in line with their ILP will be recorded.

Registers, Lesson Records & Whiteboard online

Students will be able to consult all of the above at any point in time as they are online and will have regular conversations with their teacher about their progress. At the end of the course they will receive their ILP, online Lesson Record, and their Certificate.

EWS Personalised lessons work as all our mother tongue teachers are highly empathetic and patient

Students will be pleasantly surprised as to how much progress they make in very little time. The reason for this is all down to our holistic learning approach.

Creativity and Conversation will ensure that you enjoy your lessons and make phenomenal progress

We teach through conversation and discussion enabling students to develop their sense of intuition instead of having to study grammar rules.  Our aim is to get you speaking in English during all your lessons all of the time. Your teacher will always be there to guide you  and correct you when you make mistakes so that you can learn to speak more elegantly.

How are EWS lessons organised?

Every group or individual will have a set programme of topics, grammar and functional language that will be scheduled for them to cover but if there are changing needs during the course of the programme this can always be reviewed.

Self Confidence is fundamental

Students will gain self confidence and will learn to speak intuitively without having to think about complex grammar rules before speaking. Progress will come naturally and very quickly and they will be amazed at how soon after they begin with us they will be speaking more elegantly and without having to think in their mother tongue before speaking.

the road to success

Executive Holistic Learning

Executive Holistic Learning is reserved for Company Courses.

With Executive Holistic Learning not only are the needs of the individual student taken into consideration in the ILP but also the needs of the company. In this way we are able to satisfy both the company and the student. The company will receive regular feedback with regard to the student’s progress  which allows for complete transparency and honesty.

Even though students learn primarily through conversation they follow a set programme according to their level and needs, an example of which can be viewed on a sample company page called “Company Name English”  . On this sample page for companies (password protected “English sample”) you may find general information in English with various links for the monitoring of both individual and group courses. (Yours would be called “Your Company Name” or  with a personalised password).

If you are interested in finding out more about our language courses for companies please contact us via email:info@englishwellspoken.com, telephone 055 660036 or visit us at our offices in Via Carlo Poma 7/9r Florence, 50135. Thank you

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