ESP (English for Specific Purposes) courses are suitable for both Individuals and Groups.

An ESP course is suitable for any individual or any group but an ESP group is different because they are students that have formed the group themselves. They can be a group of friends or colleagues that have come together to form a group. Their needs may be various and the level can be from beginners to advanced.  

ESP courses are usually created with a specific aim in mind and can always be further tailored to meet the exact specific requirements of the participants. ESP courses can also have specific needs based on people’s professions, interests or projects.

Below you will find some ESP courses currently on offer that are suitable for students that have a minimum of an A2 or A2/B1 level (elementary/pre intermediate) of English. With this type of course students that already have a basic knowledge of the language can build on their vocabulary and expressions to assist them in communicating with clients, colleagues and their managers in English. Complete beginners should first do a ESP general English course before doing a technical course based on their profession etc.

Course length and duration

Even though we would generally recommend a minimum of 20 hours for an individual and 30 hours for a group with a minimum frequency of 90 mins per week, we can work within your budget to create a productive course for you

ESP Industry and Service Specific

English Well Spoken can design any course at any level to suit your specific industry or service industry.

English for the medical profession – doctors, nurses, physiotherapists,

English for engineers, architects, technicians

English for scientists, chemists, physicists, academics

English for police officers, the legal profession

English for public transport workers, train inspectors, bus inspectors, bus drivers,

English for tourist offices, travel agencies,

English for waiters, sommeliers

English for receptionists, secretaries

English for Small Business Owners

This course is suitable for all business owners and managers that have to deal with various business and management issues  such as marketing, sales, negotiating, project management, emails, pitches and presentations.


Topics and Discussions

The discussion points and topics of this course will be tailored to reflect the business interests of the participants. English for the  Small Business Owner Course is ideal for industries such as fashion and manufacturing, agencies such as travel, web design, wedding and event planners, services such as caterers, client management and shop owners.

Why not increase your global market?

These are just a few of the industries and services that could benefit from this type of business course. Whatever your business we can create a course to suit your requirements whether it be to help you make your first steps into global market or to broaden your horizons.

English for Hospitality Services

English for the  hospitality industry is ideal for people working in hotels, bed and breakfast, restaurants, catering and most types of service industry. The discussion points and topics of this course will be tailored to reflect the service needs of the participants with the emphasis on being on making polite requests, dealing with difficult situations, giving explanations, negotiating solutions. General English vocabulary and expressions will also be covered but language involving food and service provision will be given particular attention.

English for Receptionists and Secretaries

This course is most suited to people who have an administrative role in their company. As well as conversational English to help students improve on taking bookings, giving information about products and services, sales and marketing, problem solving and telephone conversations, the participants on this course will also improve on writing emails and letters. They will also improve their listening comprehension so that they can comprehend better the needs of clients both face to face and on the telephone.

English for Pensioners

Why should there be a course just for pensioners?

This course is ideal for people who have led a full life and now in their golden years wish to fulfill a lifelong dream to become more proficient in the English language. Maybe they wish to travel and as English is a global language what could be better than brushing up on their English. Perhaps they have family and friends that live abroad and they wish to improve the English speaking skills so that they can travel freely without any language barriers. It could be that they just want to spend some time with people of a similar age and learn a language at the same time. Whatever your level or need at English Well Spoken we can help you achieve your objective.


English for Job seekers

Are you looking for a job or do you want to change your job?

English Well Spoken can help you find that new job. Our job seeker course will not only help you improve your level of English but it will also help you to prepare an excellent cv in English, the perfect cover letter and most importantly give you practice and techniques in interview skills. You will also improve your level of English in the skills that you require and most particularly in speaking so that at your next interview you will be able to express yourself in English confidently and without fear.

Would you like to know more?

If you would like more information with regard to our courses please contact us via email:, tel: 055 660036 or visit us at our offices in Via Carlo Poma 7/9r, Firenze.