Come avete seguito i notiziari? Guardate queste domande sotto. Quante ne potete fare correttamente?
How well have you been following the news? Check out these questions below. How many can you get right?

11 The Pope called on world leaders to prevent deaths from migrants driven to desperate crossings of the Mediterranean, saying: “They are men and women like us, our brothers and sisters.” Sun columnist Katie Hopkins found she couldn’t quite top this outpouring of the milk of human kindness, likening migrants to what?

Put your hands together: what does this emoji mean?
12 Many thought that this image was a “praying” emoji, when it’s actually what?

13 How many edges is the new £1 coin going to have? And don’t say “two” – I think you’ll find that’s sides.

14 A court upheld a conviction for unlawful driving of a man who accidentally gashed his hand with a chainsaw and then sewed it up with fishing line, drank gin to deaden the pain and drove himself to hospital. In (unsurprisingly) which country?

15 By the time they arrived at the Paris climate talks, which busy bee had already travelled a red-eye-watering 957,744 miles in their current post, much of it with a broken leg?

16 Bake Off contestant Paul Jagger made a glorious lion from bread, and near as dammit reduced judge Paul Hollywood to tears. But what did eventual winner Nadiya Hussain make for that specialist bread round?

17 Viv Nicholson, who exclaimed “Spend, spend, spend!” after winning £152,319 on the football pools in 1961, died in April. How much, to the nearest million, would her win be worth today, adjusted for inflation?

18 Who is the leader of Plaid Cymru, whose profile was raised somewhat during the pre-election debates? Who is the president of Cuba, who opened an embassy in Washington? Would they benefit from a job swap? (That last not really a question. But surely a fascinating reality TV show.)

19 Who was traduced by his own (short-lived) economics spokesman for being “snarling, thin-skinned and aggressive”?

20 Who is planning an entirely nude public performance?
a) Miley Cyrus
b) The Hairy Bikers
c) Rita Ora


11 Cockroaches
12 A high five
13 12, like the old threepenny piece
14 Australia
15 John Kerry
16 A spicy snake charmer’s basket
17 £3m
18 Leanne Wood; Raul Castro
19 Nigel Farage
20 a)

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