Didactic Material

How to use the flashcards during the lesson

You can find a list of the flashcards available here Box stocklist 23 aug 17 or already printed in the middle room.

This video will help you to use the flashcards in a more conversational way. We want students to learn the new vocab but we want them to be able to make questions and answer relevant to the objects by playing games such as memory, go fish, shopping, eating out etc.

Important language such as have you got, I need, Can I have, I’d like, I’m sorry, It’s your turn, would you mind, etc

Conversation Cards

These are small conversations that teachers can use to help students make small functional type conversations. Very useful for lower levels

Describing people spreadsheet

Flashcards have been prepared with these words. This can be useful for students to remember words that they have already learned. It is practically a word game.

The Art of Conversation

These cards that wil be incorporated into presentation slides ready for open conversation

Google Slide Folder for the presentation slides

Open space for useful links – Please add links that you have found useful for teaching

Syllabuses and Business Topics

English File Books