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English for Specific Purposes - Company Courses

Company English Language Courses  are specifically tailored to suit  personnel requirements  after conducting a detailed needs analysis.

Below are some of the courses we advertise on this website. Even if your course is not listed we can organise the course you require as we have a wide range of qualified teachers with a wealth of expertise.

English for Specific Purposes - Professional Courses: Doctors - Nurses - Engineers

The aim of these Professional courses  is to improve communication skills at work. English for Nurses and Doctors courses concentrates on English Language in key areas of nursing and medicine in the context of healthcare situations. These courses are also suitable for other healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists and healthcare assistants. Likewise English for Engineers etc focuses on the language and vocabulary required in these professions.

General English for Adults

These courses commence from complete beginners at A1 level (EA1) to A2 (EA2) pre-intermediate, B1 intermediate stage 1 (EA3) and intermediate stage 2 (EA4), B2 Upper Intermediate stage 1 (EA5), Upper intermediate stage 2 (EA6), C1 Advanced (EA7), C2 Advanced (EA8). General English covers all the skills of reading, writing, listening and above all speaking. Adult learners will improve their grammatical knowledge and will increase their range of vocabulary on these courses.

Conversation Lessons for Adults

We know that many adults get frustrated as they have studied English for many years but are still unable to speak English fluently. These courses are ideal if you want to enhance your speaking skills. You will be given ample opportunity to express yourself in English in diverse situations giving you the chance to use the knowledge that you have acquired over the years. Our teachers will create scenarios whereby you can not only use your existing knowledge but learn new structures, vocabulary and expressions and improve their pronounciation.

University of Cambridge Courses

These courses are for young learners and adults who wish to obtain an internationally recognised certificate which may be for academic purposes or to further one’s career or simply to get a sense of achievement.

These courses commence at A2 level with the KET exam, B1 level PET exam, B2 FCE,  C1 CAE and C2 CPE.

Adolescent Young Learner Courses:  11-13 and 14-19  

 Young learners may choose to do any of the above mentioned courses, General English, Conversation or Cambridge Courses.

Young learners are grouped according to their age group as not only do children’s learning skills change dramatically with age but so do their interests. The emphasis on these courses is to make the learning experience as enjoyable as possible while concentrating on all the language skills; reading, writing, listening and above all speaking as well as grammar, vocabulary and pronounciation.

Children Young Learner Courses: 3-6 and 7-11

The very young learners who are attending Scuola Materna learn through playing. These young children learn to understand everything the teacher is saying in English through the use of simple language in giving instructions and explanation of fun activities. Learners between 7-10 will also  have fun but will be improving on all the language skills; reading, writing, listening and above all speaking as well as grammar, vocabulary and pronounciation.

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