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What makes us different from other Language Schools?

Rather than constantly inundating you with new material with little or no chance to practise the language, we get you to use the language you already know and enhance this knowledge of yours by identifying the gaps in your fluency.

How often have you found that when you finally get the chance to speak English out in the real world, at work, or when you meet English speakers you feel tongue tied and just can’t get the words out. You feel disappointed as you know that you could get the words out of your mouth if you just had a little more time and a more patient listener.

Well with English Well Spoken, this is possible. Your teacher will give you the opportunity to create real life situations during your lessons and will be there to help you along your way. Your confidence and fluency will improve and when you do get the opportunity to speak English outside the classroom situation you will be able to express yourself more eloquently than you ever have.

This constant opportunity of being able to utilise the English language will also help you in the acquisition of new language. You will be motivated to use new grammatical expressions instead of being daunted by them. Your knowledge of vocabulary will improve thereby making it easier for you to express yourself with more competence.

Basically, building your language skills on your existing knowledge will construct  a strong foundation from where you can boost your fluency and go from strength to strength.

The sky’s the limit!

How do we ensure that you do the Talking?

You are in control. You will choose they type of language you wish to practise in what context and situation. Your teacher will be there to guide you but the choice is yours.

Your teacher will present you with a menu of language, grammatical expressions, vocabulary, situations and functional language from which you will choose depending on your level, needs, strengths and weaknesses.

If you don’t wish to choose yourself your teacher can guide you and help you choose. We at English Well Spoken want you to be empowered and take control of the language as we believe that this will not only help you with your motivation but also your confidence and fluency. You worlk at your own pace but you will be surprised at how your level of competence in the English language will improve. At all times the focus during the lesson will be on your production of the language.

Learning through Speaking