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Who do we teach?

We teach people of all ages, levels and walks of life. We teach Children as well as Adults.

Our team of highlyempathetic teachers are able to suit the needs of learners of any profession and competence. We pride ourselves in providing quality teaching.

We create the perfect learning environment.

Every lesson is conducted in full immersion of the language to be acquired.

You will have the freedom to express yourself immediately  as the teacher will create situations where you will be encouraged to communicate using the language you have acquired.

How do you learn?

Your self confidence and motivation will improve which will put you on the road to success.

Enjoyment is a principle factor in our lessons. Complete participation in interesting and dynamic lessons will motivate you and enhance your learning experience.

You are in Control.

Students will be able to choose what aspect of the language they wish to improve on.

You decide what you want to study and in what order with the guidance of your teacher. You will be provided with a menu of choice from which you will select topic, aspect and situation.

You Speak and We Listen

Teacher Talking Time is reduced to a minimum giving you the student, maximum opportunity to speak using  a variety of functions and situations that you will choose from.

You will be empowered to take control of your learning and move forward at an increased pace. Your teacher will be there to guide you and help to motivate you to be more proactive in your production.

Being given the freedom to express yourself more liberaly  will undoubtedly help to improve your fluency. As well as being given the opportunity to use your knowledge you will continually be introduced to new aspects of the  language in order to further enhance your learning, your competence and your fluency.

Constant Feedback

Constant communication with your teacher and didactic team will allow for constant feedback.

At any point during your sessions you may discuss your needs or concerns which will always be taken on board and looked into in detail.

Full immersion in the  language gives you the possiblity  not only to maximise your use of the language that you will have learned during your sessions but also the  the knowledge that you might   have previously acquired and  is  laying dormant.

What is our Methodology?