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I was amazed. Straight after the first lesson I felt more confident and could speak more fluently  in English. I talked right through the lesson with the help of my Teacher”.

English Well Spoken teachers are consultants that are specialised in getting learners to achieve their communication goals in the language of their choice. All courses are conversational.

English Well Spoken Teachers will enable you to speak the second language you wish to be more proficient in  like you’ve never done before.

Company Courses

We organise individual or group lessons.  The Director of Studies will  design a tailor made course based on your needs analysis.

Adults and Children

We run courses at our school in Florence or we can also come to you at a place of your choice your office, home or your child’s school.

Nursery School

Children start learning new vocabulary and create an excellent foundation for future years.

Middle School

These students will not only put into practice the knowledge they have acquired but will incerase their fluency, pronunciation, grammar etc

Primary School

EWS lessons will enable these children to develop their fluency and improve their pronunciation.

High School

Students will improve on their fluency, grammatical knowledge and skills in speaking, reading, writing and listening.

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English Well Spoken is in a cosy bookshop and tearoom in Via C. Poma 7/9r, Florence (off lungo Affrico - near Piazza Alberti. Come and visit us. We are open all day.

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